Who We Are

We are a gathering of folks who try to encourage one another through the tough times, celebrate with one another in the joyful times, and work together at all times for the Kingdom of Christ.  We're Baptist in our roots but we take all kinds of folks into the family through a common faith in Christ as Savior.

About Cowboy Fellowship

Our Philosophy

Faith is more than what happens on Sunday. It's a part of who we are, inside and out. At Cowboy Fellowship, we believe in sharing the joy of the gospel daily, and living a life that demonstrates the Spirit of God.  However, we do ask that we not be judged too closely because we fail regularly, but we keep at it.

A Western Heritage Church

Upcoming Events

9th Annual Stick Horse Rodeo and Sage Brush Easter Egg Hunt

April 15 – 10AM - Noon or so(Lunch Provided) at the Gibb Ranch 5100 Grey Van Road, Reno


Easter Sunrise Service

April 16 – 6 AM at our Building on the Gibb Ranch 5100 Grey Van Road, Reno